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Dongarra, Roldan Pozo, Karin A.

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Remington, and G. Kahan and Joseph D. Index of Scientific Java resources on the Web Mathtools. Java Community Process Sun Microsystems.

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Please address comments about this page to boisvert nist. Java Specification Request for Floating-Point Extensions has been withdrawn due to difficulties in setting up an expert group. Numerics Working Group. Proposed extension of java. Numeric SciMark is a composite benchmark comprising of FFT kernels, finite-difference stencils, Monte Carlo simulations, sparse matrix computations, and direct LU factorization. Java Grande Benchmark Suite is a collection of low-level kernels, and applications for scientific and technical computing. Java Linpack Benchmark is a translation of the popular Linpack benchmark, originally written in Fortran.

It measures the performance solving a x dense linear system.


Java matrix benchmark is a tool for evaluating the performance and stability of java matrix libraries. ArciMath BigDecimal is an extension of java. Colt is a free Java toolkit containing data structures and utilities intended for high performance computing.

Commons-Math The Jakarta Mathematics Library is is a library of lightweight, self-contained mathematics and statistics components addressing the most common problems not available in the Java programming language. Drej , an open-source Java library for linear and non-linear least-squares regression and regularized least-squares classification. The collection also contains extensions to java.

Math and new classes for numeric output formatting. IBM's AlphaWorks contains several tools of interest, including library of correctly rounded elementary functions intended for use with Java.

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Ninja , a set of classes for numerically intensive Java, including complex, multidimensional arrays, and the BLAS. Java Ultimate Math Package , a framework for arbitrary precision computations.

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The Java3D effort produced a matrix package for use in graphics. JSci , a set of Java packages for linear algebra, statistics, wavelets. It contains classes for univariate and multivariate spline approximation on scattered meshes, as well as core matrix and linear system solution classes. Koalog Constraint Solver is a commercial Java library for solving combinatorial optimization problems using Constraint Programming or Local Search. Least Squares Software markets the jCrunch[tm] class libraries for numerical computing. The package performs multi precision floating point arithmetic with arbitrary precision level.

It takes advantage of Java's inheritance facility to provide smooth transition from primitive arithmetic types. OpsResearch has developed a freeware library of more than Operations Research objects, including packages for linear programming, graph-theoretic problems, linear algebra, nonlinear equations, probability and geometry. The Orbital library is a class library providing object-oriented representations and algorithms for logic, mathematics and artificial intelligence. It includes theorem proving, computer algebra, search and planning, as well as machine learning algorithms.

Parallel Colt , An attempt to implement fully multithreaded version of Colt. Still in early development stage. The book offers test programs that allow researchers to execute the examples provided; users are free to construct their own tests and apply the numeric procedures to them in order to observe a successful computation or simulate failure. The entry for each procedure is logically presented, with name, usage parameters, and Java code included.

A powerful numerical library for Scala / Java programmers

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