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It seems she had arranged the violent encounter because ever since she nearly drowned as a young girl, she's had the power to leave her body during near-death experiences. She's particularly desperate to use that ability right now in order to save her daughter Billie Penelope Mitchell , who's in a hospital and hovering between life and death after a motorcycle accident.

Thanks to Julie's ability to cross over to the other side, Billie winds up making a full recovery.

Joe moves in with mother and daughter, frequently engaging in torrid sexual couplings with the former. More disturbingly, sexpot Billie begins coming on to Joe and soon succeeds in seducing him.

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But it's not as perverse as it seems, because, as Billie explains, her body has been possessed by the spirit of Joe's dead wife. Cue more frenzied copulation, with Cage engaging in more onscreen sex than he has since his Wild at Heart days.

Between Worlds: Cultural Hybridity in Turkish Film

Speaking of that film, this effort strains for a distinct David Lynchian vibe with its combination of strangeness and black comedy. As he did in the recent Mandy , Cage makes an appearance in some very unflattering underwear.

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But the biggest meta joke occurs during one of the sex scenes, when Joe accompanies his frenzied pelvic thrusting with a recitation from a book: the cover reads Memories , by Nicolas Cage. Artist Jennifer Cunningham works with paint, printmaking, film, digital media and drawing. She exhibits both nationally and internationally, most recently with a solo show in the Festival Gallery as part of Galway International Arts Festival The show received over 30, visitors and a five star review in The Irish Times.

Kerry; Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Co.

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Monaghan; and the Inishlacken Project, Connemara. Jennifer runs her own Art School and teaches classes to children, adolescents and adults in drawing skills, oil and acrylic, printmaking and watercolour. She has taught courses in I.

T, Dun Laoghaire since and has been a visiting guest lecturer at N. D and G.