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It all feels so premature. There are plenty of things that I'm going to miss about Merlin.

Wizard's First Rule (Sword of Truth #1) by Terry Goodkind Audiobook Full 1/3

After five years, it has developed a set of quirks that I have grown increasingly fond of. Like the fact that, despite being the most powerful wizard in the history of the kingdom, Merlin's powers are essentially limited to making people fall backwards against walls in slow motion. And the bitchy, increasingly camp relationship between Merlin and Arthur. And Arthur's awful Miles-from-This Life haircut. And the sole episode each year that is predominantly about Gwen's heaving cleavage. As unquestionably silly as they all are, I'm sad about having to live without them.

Yes, there are still missteps from time to time. Early this series, for instance, we were treated to an appearance by what can only be described as a whispering luminous know-it-all Gollum sex toy, who looked as if he had been made on a Commodore 64 and ran away the second he realised just what an abysmal addition to the show he was. Merlin still, from time to time, uses furtive magic to save Arthur's life at the last minute. The Knights of the Round Table seem to have all been recruited from the first ancient Sexy Topless Fireman calendar that King Arthur clapped his eyes on.

But that's no reason to get rid of the whole thing, is it? Apparently it is. The only question left is what will happen at Christmas. Will the show stick to the mythology, and climax with Arthur dying at Mordred's hand? Or, if that scuppers the movie plans, will we get a happier ending? What else could we have expected or hoped for from a show from the makers of Spartacus: Blood And Sand and The Tudors?

Banished to a monastery for the past 15 years, Morgan has returned to claim her father's kingdom, even if it means committing patricide.

With the king dead, Morgan sets herself the task of taking over the kingdom by exiling Queen Igraine Claire Forlani , killing Uther loyalists and immediately striking an alliance with Uther's main rival, King Lot the excellent James Purefoy. The makers of Camelot , including The Tudors ' Michael Hirst, expertly blend Arthurian legend Uther turning into the Duke of Cornwall to seduce and impregnate Igraine and reality, to create a world where magic exists, but is more than glowing eyes and enchantments.

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Playing him with a wink in his eye, Joseph Fiennes' famous wizard is a mixture of warrior monk and sorcerer. Merlin acts not only as an advisor to kings, but as a prophet who is determined not to see Britain descend into chaos and civil war. As Merlin says, "I can do things that others cannot. Is that magic? Key to his plan is Uther's illegitimate son, Arthur, who was hidden at birth and raised by Ector Sean Pertwee , so he could be free of Uther's barbaric influences. Arthur has been raised to be a good man, but that doesn't stop him from sleeping with his adoptive brother Kay's girlfriend.

Despite this, Kay sees something in his little brother and remains loyal to him, once he learns he is the once and future King.

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Joining Arthur and Merlin on their quest to retake the kingdom, Kay looks set to be the first of Arthur's knights, as well as his moral compass. Here are some recommends for you, though you probably have read them: Lois Bujold a wealth of good reading there, though the Curse of Chalion series takes a bit of patience at first. Loretta Chase and Eloisa James for smart, steamy and funny historical romance. Karen Moning, Have you read her Fever series?

The highlander ones that precede it are entertaining, but the Fever series takes that world from romantic paranormal comedy to romantic paranormal adventure and light horror. I thought she was foundering a bit after the five Fever books, till this last book, which had a lot more fun in it and a lot of closure.

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In the mood for a classy, fun historical? You also might like Chelsea Gaither, and Brian P. Happy Reading! Thank you so much for sharing with such enthusiasm! I love book talk! I am also delighted that you and family are ok! Thank you, Ilona! Bought and read nonstop after your recommendation, laughing through whole story especially the doll wars. I was cleaning my bookshelves recently and started rereading my favorite parts of her books and thought you might like them. Thanks for the recommendation! I grabbed all three in this series to read over the long weekend.

Fingers crossed! Should finish it this evening. This one skates close to Terry Pratchetts biting satire, and I look forward to reading more. OMG This book just made me smile in the midst of a crappy week. Thank you. Need all distractions. Thank you so much! Beast in Shining Armour is one of my all time favourite books and an automatic go to whenever I want a pick me up with laughter and steamy romance.

I just read Kingpin of Camelot. It was fantastic! I am ordering the other 2 books in the series.

Thank you for the recommendation. The book was awesome! So of course I needed to read the first 2 and devoured them in a day. Now I am starting her phase series! Thank you for the recommendation!

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I just read it and am now reading 1 and 2. The whole setting is so much fun!

I bought the book and am enjoying it very much. Clean up is going to take a long time. Thank you for recommending the books!!!! I just got done reading the series because of your recommendation. Now I really cannot wait for the next book with Esmeralda! Another author on KU I can wholeheartedly recommend is Pippa da Costa who has a demon series called The Veil as in the veil between worlds demon and human.


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Her writing and action scenes are reminicent of Kate Daniels series, with heroines not quite sure of their powers, not YA nor heavy handed romance. If you havnt tried her give her a go! Gosh, I love these books. Thank you for recommending this, I enjoyed reading it.

I bought all 3 and am looking forward to reading the other two. I love your book recommendations. I lost a whole weekend to reading these Kinda Fairytales. All three! I had work i was supposed to do and got completely sucked in. I loved this and have had a dry spell for enjoyable books lately. Please keep the recommendations coming! Not to be ugly or unpostive aka negative.

I tried to read this book. The plot is not good.. It becomes tripe and I really wanted like it or find humor in it. It just was not there for me. Ilona and Gordon you have great comedic timing. This book and it menagerie of characters needs to be retooled and the plot desperately needs editing. They can spell and write linear character chapters but that is all..

I liked it a lot, but I do agree it needs editing. This series was the perfect thing to get my head out of Harvey excitement. My family and house was blessedly spared however other friends and family were not so lucky. I am also a nurse and after the fun of being sequestered in the hospital for three days and listening to patients and families take their stress out on the staff for over a week, I was sooo happy to escape reality with Cassandra Gannon for a brief moment.