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Leslie Willson entertained a party of friends from Eau Claire. All report a pleasant time, and think Silver Spring Park the best and prettiest spot on earth to hold a picnic. Mr, Porter used his violin with old-time vigor. Notwithstanding the beat, some indulged in a dance. Fall term of fourteen weeks opens August Offers special advantages to persons preparing to teach. Tuition is free to persons possessing the requisite qualifications.

Emery, 31;8w i River Falls, Wisconsin. Tha death of little " I5.

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The trio of happy children, always to gether, has been broken ; suddenly and swiftly came the mesncoger wearing the amaranthine wreath, to bear her away to those "mystic realms where light Is made. Loyal hearts will fondly cherish the sunshine she cre ated here, during her little life time and while her fond parents and stricken family are bowed In grief at the parting, they know " It is well with the child. She is not dead, the child of our affection, But gone unto that school Where she no longer need our poor protection. And Christ himself doth rule.

AUackt upon Judge Hoyt.

The Weekly Herald from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin · 5

There have been several very personal and peculiar attacks made during the last week upon our late townsman W. Hoyt, and yet no one seems to know a single authenticated fact In regard to the dark part of the matter. Why not give an old friend and neighbor the benefit of the doubt? Let him speak for himself before the tide of condemnation sets in. Every man is 'entitled to a hearing, and every man Is counted Innocent by the law until proved guilty.

Boat ride and picnic. Borne of the Chippewa people, who are now res idents of this city, gave their friends from the sawdust city, who were yls- Iting here, a boat ride and picnic up to Fond du Lac last Saturday. Among those who went were : Mr. Booth, Mr. Barnett and two children, Mr. Waterman, child and niece, Mrs. Miles and Mrs. Stoddard, Mr. Dan Buchanan, Mr. Stansbury and child, Mrs. Martin and J. Superior Wave. A lovely " time was reported by the ladies of the party.

I want to lease my house by the year or five years, with furniture or without. The house Is very convenient for a boarding bouse, or by very little repairing would do nicely for a hotel. Enquire of Mrs. Josie, E.

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Elm street. Mayor Lclnc-nkucel In iu Chair. Pn-Hont Ahla. Eau Claire dispatch report the sale of immense tracts of land in Oregon to the Mussers of Muscantlne, la. Weyerhaeuser, of St. Paul ; Young A Co.

A Legacy of Spies: Logline

Ruttledge, of Chippewa Falls, and two or three others. The grant Is about six miles wide and miles long. It includes , acres of timber and , acres of farm land. The remainder Is grazing land,. Cheapest Farm in the Jhippexoa Valley for sale. Two hundred and seventy eight acres eighty-five improved ; good soil, good fences, good water, and good roads.

Also several lots of choice unimproved lands very cheap. Bad rhyme and good reason.

Mary had a little lamb, its fleece was white as snow ; it ran away one summer day where Iambs should never go. Then Mary sat her down and wept, and tears streamed from her eyes ; she did not advertise. Now Mary had a brother, Jim, who kept a country store ; he sat him down and smoked his pipe and watched the open door ; and as the people passed along and did not stop to buy, Jim still sat down and smoked his pipe and blinked his sleepy eye. And so the sheriff closed him out, but still be lingered near, and Mary came to drop with him a sympathetic tear.

Notice Is hereby given that Mrs. Little, my wife, has left my bed and board, and that hereafter I will no be responsible for any debts contracted by her: Peter Little. Datod Chippewa Falls July 6th, Taylor, chairman of committee on city lighting wan read, report accepted and ordered placed on file. The following resolution presented, read, rules suspended and resolution adopted by th following vote : Ayes Aids, uonviue, urensen, Johannes, Iappln, Larrabeo, Max eluer, McCarty, Nolte, Nunkey, rainier, I'arent, ijalnn,.

Huulrex, TayIor Resolved, That tne Mayor add three additional members to the committee already' appointed, and that such appointment wnen so constituted, formulate with the advice of the citv attorney sd ordinance and contract for lighting the streets and city building with electricity, and ascertain whether the Chippewa Falls Lighting company will agree to such contract ; and if such com pany will sign such contract that such committee report at a meeting of the Council next Friday evening.

Taylor Aids. Larrabee, Squires and Nolte, were appointed on said committee. McDonnell presented the following petition, which was read, rules suspended and petition granted by tne following vote. Ayes Aids.

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The undersigned freeholders re siding in the seventh a nd eighth ward of said city, respectfully represent that It Is necessary. We respectfully petition that the avenue be changed in accor dance with our representation as to the necessity thereof. Dated August 3d, By request of the Council the Mayor instructed the Board of Public Works to see to the change to be made In the street in accordance with the petition of A. The Council then adjourned to meet again at sharp on Friday evening, August 7th, , and the clerk was instructed to notify all councilmen of the meeting.

Lashway, Clerk. Lach Ey K ti I a bUtory, aa oon 5U1 hare In t',..

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My mother p'iiM I then under her pillow eTpry night, and the whole family would he regnlarly awakened by a midnight clatter of rattling poena, an they had ft rentleM habit of falling out of bed, so their alne waa enhanced by the many leplew nlghU they coat. The aerranta were all questioned, but no one had seen the minding spoon.

Hhe essayed to find the ' Jacket, and, sura enough, between the lining and the out side was found the lost spoon. Not so my father, who was a solemn churchgoer.

I am very sure he will nerer steal from us again. He sat submissively still as my father appeared carrying a large Bible, and he listened to the lecture that waa delivered with an unmoved countenance. I slept and awakened several times before it was finished. My father's solemn, monotonous wnlAA flFtail ma 1! I thought then, as I listened to my father's bass tones in that grim monologue, that the punishment waa adequate to the sin. I had been lectured myself, and I would have confessed to almost any thing to have escaped the consequences.