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Women in Security Awards Do you find the cybersecurity industry to be welcoming to women? Women in Security Awards Why do you think cybersecurity has struggled to attract women? The new, user-friendly versions of Adobe's photo and video editors come with some really creative and easy-to-use features that the company says are aimed at "memory keepers.

As with everybody else, Adobe is leaning heavily on machine learning and computer vision different types of 'AI' for this trick. It starts with an easy-to-use Organizer view and something called Auto Curation, which uses computer vision and some nifty algorithms to guess because it can't REALLY know, can it? So if you have a group of images, you can ask Photoshop Elements to cull those down automatically to just Once you've selected your shots, you can use the program's new Guided Edits and a new feature called Automatic Selection to do things like drop in a new background, create a double exposure effect using two of your images, or add 'artistic' overlays.

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The coolest feature, though, has to be Open Closed Eyes, which allows you to select two frames, and replace the closed eyes in one with the open eyes from another. The results are incredibly lifelike given that whole thing can be done in a matter of seconds. Like Photoshop Elements, Premiere Elements also leans heavily on AI-powered features to make video editing as automatic and pain-free as possible. Smart Trim does for videos what Auto Curate does for photos, namely: it asks you what 'style' of video you want to create, tries to intelligently find the best clips that match this style, and tosses out the rest to create a coherent clip.

Another interesting addition is a feature called Candid Moments, which tries to find the best candid 'photo' hidden within a video clip and pull it out for you. With new smartphones like the iPhone 8 Plus shooting gorgeous 4K 60p , we could see this feature being a huge hit with those 'memory keepers' Adobe is all trying to target. Admittedly, neither Photoshop Elements nor Premiere Elements are really targetted at more professional photographers out there read: many of the people who enjoy reading DPReview.

But as these beginner-focused programs get more and more powerful, amateur photographers who are allergic to the subscription model and don't like to do much post-processing anyhow might actually enjoy using Photoshop and Premiere Elements Of course, that's not to say we won't be keeping a very close eye on AdobeMAX this year.

To learn more about Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements , head over to the Adobe blog by clicking here , or visit their dedicated landing pages by clicking on the program names above. Because my aging body is finding carrying a Nikon with a heavy lens to challenging, I'm considering switching to a mirrorless camera, specifically the SONY a Because I didn't want to buy a continuing license for most of the Photoshop editing products, I bought Photoshop Elements If not, what editing program that can be bought and not licensed , will work with the SONY raw files?

As someone who rarely takes photos of people, I'd have thought this openi eyes feature very useful. I am told it takes a lot of skill to help people relax when having their photo taken so now all that needs doing is ask them to close their eyes and imagine they are somewhere enjoying themselves. Mind you they might still womder what the photographer is up to. I guess the days when you could upgrade your software for a small fraction of the full price are over. I singed up for the trial of Photoshop and Premiere Elements. Today I got the 8th! At first I got one e-mail per program each day, now there was one day in-between.

I'm curious how many more will come until the end of the trial period. Eye replacement, best photo. Who needs it with all this new fangled technology a monkey could take a descent portrait. None of these makes full use of multiple CPU cores, some do better some do worse. Photobounce seriously messed face tags in my files, so I had to clean up again and quickly removed the software.

Future Of Memories Sharing Moments With Photoshop Elements And Digital Cameras The

Lightroom and Picasa lead the pack for ease of use and both are able to read the face tags of the other. Picasa works a lot faster once faces are scanned, because Lightroom's UI tends to freeze for seconds when you change face data for even a single file out of thousands. It does import tag text, but neither imports already present faces nor does it even import names into its own "Contact Book".

As a result you have to start from scratch! This is a real eye-opener But one thing I don't like is that you have to keep buying new versions when new cameras come along because the latest ACR is not compatible.

I am just an enthusiast. I also use Rawtherapee at times, because Capture1 does not seem to get rid of all the purple fringing in extreme contrast situations. I've been using Elements for about as long as it's existed and I think it's just fine, though I think having software curate your photos for you is absurd unless you want to spend as little time thinking about your photography as possible. I don't need CC, and don't think I should have to pay for it every month forever.

I tried Lightroom but I didn't like creating catalogs, and again there's the subscription thing. I mostly use DxO which does not use the subscription model.

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The camera profiles are automatically updated without having to buy a newer version, and it creates simple sidecar files that store your adjustments in the same directory as the image file. I'm not computer-phobic but after 25 years of sitting in front of a monitor I want to spend more time taking photos, printing them and selling them and less time trying to figure out software. So between this Photoshop and the one that's on the CC close captioned subscription, this version is faster because it has elements from what I'm seeing! Do you mean 8-bit? During the import, you can do some minor adjustments like rotate straighten a horizon , modify contrast and exposure, and a few other things, and retain the bit file.

But most of the Elements function convert the file to 8-bit. For that reason, I seldom use Elements.

Importing Photos from a Camera or Card Reader Into Photoshop Elements 2019

I meant 8-bit. I won't use cripple-ware. Thank you for clarifying.

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Don't understand why people keep on using Lightroom or Photoshop Raw to convert raw files They are terrible!!! Try Capture One, or anyone of the good raw converters! Also because Lightroom is a workflow manager first, image processor second. I don't need absolute sharpness in my shots, nor do I spend a lot of time adding layers and effects in Photoshop. I just need to be able to make minor exposure, white balance and colour corrections, remove aberrations and occasionally correct the lens distortion and perspective. Essentially something that allows me to correct a raw file in seconds.

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  5. This is what Lightroom does well. I may not be very fond of Lightroom due to its heavy resource usage and the absurd subscription model pricing that makes it infeasible if you're not shooting professionally, but nobody else had come up with a better workflow management software. Thermidor Have you used Capture One? Have you compared the files that it produces to those produced by Lightroom? You simply cannot sharpen or adjust details that are not present in your converted file. If you go by the preview of the RAW file that you get in Lightroom, then the converted file will resemble what you were expecting, not knowing that your file was much richer in detail than what you got.

    Anyhow, I wish I had switched from Lightroom to C1 much, much sooner Lightroom has a good flow, that's sure. Capture One comes close, but Process is still the best for control of highlights and shadows. Color and rendition of fine detail without haloing and crunchy artifacts are as good as it gets. Yeah, I wanted to try Capture One, but its price is way beyond my budget.


    If you're living in a Third World country, that is a ton of money. It's a terrible program for managing workflows, even if the interface looks like Lightroom at a glance. Everything just chugs along. Money always gets in the way. Do the trial version for free for 1 month. It doesn't leave watermarks or anything dumb like that. I can't really comment much on the "workflow" aspect. Anyhow, happy shooting!

    Couldn't agree more. Adobe can continue to court customers with cheesy new features but they have driven away a solid portion of their user base with heavy handed "we own the customer" business practices. None of this silly garbage is going to lure me back. Oooh how about a feature that automatically adds fun hats to everyone in the photo!