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What do you think the role is for women in the labor movement as unions shift into the center of the national political debate? How can women's advocacy groups fighting for equality and justice collaborate with the labor movement to make progress on all frontiers?

House Chairmen and Ranking Members in the Next Congress

Women have the opportunity to continue driving an agenda that secures equity for all within the labor movement. With women totaling half of all U. The contributions women make to our economy are critical and cannot be overstated. As a former community organizer and activist, what would you encourage union members to do today as we face such an aggressive onslaught on our collective bargaining rights? I encourage union members to rededicate themselves to ensuring that their voices are heard in Washington and across the country.

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It is important to remember that the challenges we are seeing at the beginning of this year are only the beginning of what is sure to be long and difficult th Congress. We must not allow the debate to be determined by those who want a race to the bottom with cheap labor and fewer benefits. Rather, our national and international goal should center on raising all workers up to the highest common denominator and improving our national standard of well-being.

Guided by our convictions in the right to speak as one voice, and bolstered by the support of the majority of our fellow citizens, we must fight for collective bargaining rights. The future prosperity of workers based on collective bargaining rights is too important to not stay engaged, vocal, and organized.

As a relatively new Member of Congress, how do you think the role of unions has changed over the last few years? Do you think recent unity marks a changing of the tides? How can Members of Congress engage in these labor debates on a national level? For years, we have seen efforts to demonize the role unions play in our economy. The truth of the matter is that unions remain a critical force in protecting the rights of working families across the country.

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In the face of a concerted effort by corporations and state and local governments to lower wages, strip collective bargaining rights, and ship good-paying jobs overseas, the role of public and private unions is more important today than we have seen in decades. With recent events in Wisconsin, Ohio, and other states around the country, it is important that we in Congress continue to speak out about the important role unions play in protecting the livelihoods of working families.

How can constituents and folks on the ground help engage their Members of Congress to take the time needed to fully examine and debate the coming trade agreements in Korea, Colombia, and Panama? What do you think is at stake?

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It is critical in order to maintain a healthy democracy that constituents engage their elected representatives on issues of importance, be they local or international in scope. Debbie Stabenow D 2. Carl Levin D Minnesota [ edit ] 1. Amy Klobuchar D 2. Al Franken D Mississippi [ edit ] 1.

Roger Wicker R 2. Thad Cochran R Missouri [ edit ] 1. Claire McCaskill D 3. Roy Blunt R Montana [ edit ] 1.

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Jon Tester D 2. Max Baucus D Nebraska [ edit ] 1. Ben Nelson D 2. Mike Johanns R Nevada [ edit ] 1. Harry Reid D New Hampshire [ edit ] 2. Jeanne Shaheen D 3. Kelly Ayotte R New Jersey [ edit ] 1.

Additional Notes

Bob Menendez D 2. Frank Lautenberg D New Mexico [ edit ] 1. Jeff Bingaman D 2. Tom Udall D New York [ edit ] 1. Kirsten Gillibrand D 3. Charles Schumer D North Carolina [ edit ] 2.

Kay Hagan D 3. Richard Burr R North Dakota [ edit ] 1. Kent Conrad D 3. John Hoeven R Ohio [ edit ] 1. Sherrod Brown D 3. Rob Portman R Oklahoma [ edit ] 2. Jim Inhofe R 3. Tom Coburn R Oregon [ edit ] 2. Jeff Merkley D 3. Ron Wyden D Pennsylvania [ edit ] 1. Bob Casey Jr. Pat Toomey R Rhode Island [ edit ] 1. Sheldon Whitehouse D 2. Jack Reed D South Carolina [ edit ] 2. Lindsey Graham R 3. Tim Johnson D 3. John Thune R Tennessee [ edit ] 1. Bob Corker R 2. Lamar Alexander R Texas [ edit ] 1.

Kay Bailey Hutchison R 2.

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John Cornyn R Utah [ edit ] 1. Orrin Hatch R 3. Mike Lee R Vermont [ edit ] 1. Bernie Sanders I 3. Patrick Leahy D Virginia [ edit ] 1.

Jim Webb D 2. Mark Warner D Washington [ edit ] 1. Maria Cantwell D 3.