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Such an interpretation combines the concerns of pastoral care with the distress and uncertainty of prophetic action. The commentary groups the sixty-six chapters of Isaiah into six distinct but continuous parts.

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Each section may be explored as one might explore the room of a house. The 'furnishings' themes in each room are different, but the decor structure of the house combines to lend to the book an overall unity of purpose. The architecture of the book as a whole has distinct features that include words of judgment as well as words of promise announcing a new day dawning.

In this new day dawning, there are strong elements of future hope. Jesus Christ is popular with many Westerners, but is it the Jesus of the Scripture whom we really honour? This book commends the Jesus of the Bible to contemporary Christians.

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Each author works with one or more young adults to consider the various ways Christians encounter and experience Jesus. Topics include Jesus and creation, Jesus and the cross, Jesus and salvation, Jesus and mission, and Jesus and the future. Foreword by Shane Claiborne.

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A forward-looking evangelical approach. Tripp York examines a number of twentieth century Christians who lived by powerful example in the face of 'the powers that be', including the Berrigan brothers, Dorothy Day, and Eberhard Arnold. These witnesses can be viewed as anarchical in the sense that their loyalty to Christ undermines the pseudo-soteriological myth employed by the state. While such Christians have often been labelled pilgrims, revolutionaries, nomads, subversives, agitators, and now, anarchists, they are more importantly seekers of 'the peace of the city' whose chief desire is for those belonging to temporal cities to be able to participate justly and equally in the eternal city — the city of God.

By examining their ideas and their actions, this book attempts to understand how the politics of the church — an apocalyptic politics — is necessary for the church to understand her mission as bearer of the Gospel good news in the contemporary.


John D Roth examines the traditions of Anabaptist-Mennonite worship. These practices, he argues, are part of an essential unity that transforms and renews 'the people of God' and calls them to lives of integrity embodied in discipleship, social mission and the announcement of the Christian message.

Roth reflects on how distinctive Mennonite practices around baptism, communion, foot washing, and common meals extend beyond the church. What is Iran? Pierce offers readers an overview of the historical, religious, and political landscape of modern Iran. Keywords: preaching Radicalement chretien! Author: Stuart Murray. Editions Excelsis, Author: Thomas R.

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The Family of Faith. Author: JC Wenger. Author: Phyllis Tickle. Baker Books, The Way of True Riches. Author: Milo Kauffman. Toward Understanding the Bible. Author: Perry B. Un Fundamento de Fe. Translator: Carmen Epp. Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary, Keywords: technology faith media pentecost parable spiritual cell phones pitfalls possibilities justice. What we Believe Together.

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Editors: Mary Schertz; Karl Koop. CMU, Fall Congregational Development. Pastoral Leadership.