Guide Prescribing by Numbers: Drugs and the Definition of Disease

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However, this effect is salutary only when the information is true and it is communicated in an accurate and balanced way that takes into account the totality of the evidence. As a result, we believe that DTCA alone does not adequately support patient autonomy and consumerism.

Illuminating the Art of Medicine

Given the substantial dangers that can arise from use of prescription drugs and the decades of evidence showing that advertising drives use of medical products, reasonable restrictions are necessary to ensure that DTCA information is presented in a clear, neutral, and patient-accessible manner. Despite the positive effects that DTCA can have in supporting medical consumerism, until regulators or professional societies take a more active role in certifying the reliability of the information, patients have no choice but to remain skeptical about what they read and see about prescription drug and medical devices in print media, on television, and online.

DTCA in the U. While recent studies of DTCA are mixed, drug advertisements remain pervasive and therefore exert an undeniable influence on the way the public learns about available therapies and how patients and physicians communicate. The current rise of highly personalized online DTCA should be a primary focus of this vigilance.

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Greene JA. Prescribing by Numbers: Drugs and the Definition of Disease. Ventola CL. Direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising: therapeutic or toxic? Calfee JE. Public policy issues in direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs [].

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Accessed September 18, Mack J. What are the public health effects of direct-to-consumer drug advertising? PLoS Med. Physicians report on patient encounters involving direct-to-consumer advertising.

America's Love Affair With Prescription Medication - Consumer Reports

Health Aff Millwood. Huckman M. October 29, US Food and Drug Administration. Keeping watch over direct-to-consumer ads. Accessed May 22, World Health Organization. Direct-to-consumer advertising under fire. Direct-to-consumer prescription drug advertisements; presentation of the major statement in television and radio advertisements in a clear, conspicuous, and neutral manner, proposed rule. Fed Regist. Davidson JH. Re: docket no. The Advertising Coalition. Hobson K. Report: pharma digital spending growing—but slowly. Wall Street Journal. August 26, Thomas K. Facing black market, Pfizer is looking online to sell Viagra. New York Times. May 6, Yes we can: time for an FDA internet drug advertising policy.

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