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I get a lot of the missing pieces from these great articles. Leaving her to wondering if he ever coming back. She kept asking when he was coming back. Each day she would ask.

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Funny he would delete a lot of stuff off his phone but he carefully kept certain texts from her for me to see. He wanted me jealous or to want him. It did just the opposite. Anyway, that last time I just packed his shit up and told her he was coming back. He denied even communicating with her while texting me while he riding the train back up north. But I saw the call and text logs. He was always such liar. He told me that she was just like me. This is same shit differnt supply. I believe that! I know how he works it.

History repeating itself. At 37 he should have his own place and not have to sponge off women. Oh another note. I remember about two years ago I saw a personal ad on Craigslist from a guy who wanted women to sneak over and have sex with him while his GF was home asleep. I replied to him and asked him how he could do such a thing. He said easy. He found it exciting. He was up all night and the garage a huge mess next morning.

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I felt foggy all the next day. This happened every couple weeks. To this day I wonder if this was my N? He was always texting, wiping out stuff, acting weird. Always had to be in the backyard til all hours of the night.

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No one lived in house behind me or to the right of me either and well you can imagine that he could have had lots of people come by. He had his system down too. He was addicted to sex.

Of course he was a huge love bomber at the beginning. A year of constant attention, devotion, promises of growing old together. The very next week after he said he wanted to grow old with me he had sex and an affair with his buddies wife. He lied to me about it even though I ksuspected it. I was seperated from my husband at the time. I was trying to understand it. Later more recent years He rarely spoke to me, intimacy was missing, sex routine and for me boring. Now when he did talk to me it was with attitude. He had to make excuses for his being constantly in the backyard.

It was an odd place to put a chair. But he managed to turn up the TV. Turn on the dishwasher snd clothes dryer and start another load of laundry. He knew it pissed me off. My food would go quickly I got from grocery store. And cigarettes smoked while he was suppository sleeping. All adds up to games, lying and being sneaky which he craved like dope.

So he is off with fresh new supply and I laughed when he said I was possessive and jealous.. He wishes. The possessive part I can say was just wanting to know who is in my house and when he went back up north he hung out with people who I hated and had stolen from me.

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But of course he can only think how he thinks. And it was me being possessive n jealous. I never once did that in 8 years. Finally it did. I just had to get him outta my place first. Happy I did. Of course she is just like me. He needs to have them be just like me or just like how I was.

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He would never be able to pull this off now with me. Fake people, love bombing, narcissist, players! Yes this sounds a lot like the person i was with.

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This one has resonated the most with me. Very interesting Blog. I needed to read this one. All narcissi behave the same way cuz they are always cheating lying and messing with you head and heart. I always come back to your website for a reminder of what it is that I am dealing with. And there is literally nothing that I can do but leave it alone.

I freaked of course and he came up with the idea that I was too much and too out of control with my emotions and too stressful for him in his fragile sober state. He cannot stand me. He blocks my number when I ask about us. He tells me we will spend family time together. He blocks my number. I go to ask him about it and he lies and says he never said that. He calls the police to get me out of his house then blocks my number.

He asks me for a ride home and at his house I ask him about his words. Needless to say, it is driving me a little loopy. After his last conversation where I was the only one for him, I asked him about moving and what he thought about it. He ended up putting me on hold and never came back to the line. And I look stupid for dealing with it. I can relate to everything posted here.

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The beginning was wonderful. Leaving love notes between my things. And then all the jealousy, demeanor, stalking, cocaine, lost of his job, disregard for my opinions, lack of empathy and, of course, cheating. And still I kept providing for me and receiving the silent treatment every now and then. I feel ashamed for this. I used to have nightmares, panic attacks, my body kept sore all day long. Even though it lasted a little more than 1 year, it did a lot of damage to myself.

Put on a lot of weight. Have no self-steem anymore. But this is my story and any advice offered would be a big help. I met my ex 7 years ago, he was my boss at work and still is. When we met he was going through a divorce, and we actually bonded over relationship issues and from then on he started flirting with me, always wanting me to hang around after work and talk to him and listen to music.