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Smells like a mystery—and one Nancy must solve before dessert is served!

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The Stinky Cheese Surprise. But when Regal Burger opens across the street with its games and flashy giveaways, Herbie is scared that his business will be ruined. They have to do something, but what? The girls decide to make goodie bags that Herbie can give away at his restaurant.

But when someone fills the bags with stinky cheese, Nancy smells trouble! She knows someone is up to no good, and Herbie is counting on her to sniff out the clues. The Day Camp Disaster. But things at Camp Northwoods start going haywire right from the start. The projects the campers work so hard on during the day keep getting ruined at night! Nancy is suspicious—these don't look like natural disasters. And can camp continue with a culprit on the loose? Similar ebooks. Ski School Sneak. Snowy situation! Nancy, George, and Bess are on a ski trip! They are having tons of fun, and Bess proves a natural for the slopes.

She even wins a special award! But when the ski supply room is suddenly trashed, all eyes turn to Bess. It looks like she's a suspect this time around. Nancy is sure Bess is innocent, but how can she prove it?

The Scarytales Sleepover

And just when it seems things can't get any worse, a snowstorm closes the road home. The Clue Crew is trapped at the ski lodge! Can Nancy find a way to clear Bess's name Join the ninja warriors as they fight enemies old and new and encounter challenges that will test their strength. Will they be victorious in the battles ahead? Scream for Ice Cream. How can a contest this sweet turn so sticky?

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Nancy and her friends think there is nothing more fun than ice cream in the summer. All three girls were in the same third-grade class.

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And then Ms. George nodded. Spencer is putting them out now. Everyone was excited about Secret Santa. It was a special three-day gift exchange. It always took place right before Christmas vacation. This was the first day. The fun had really started on Monday. That was when Ms. Then each student drew a name.

The Scarytales Sleepover by Carolyn Keene

Nancy got Jason Hutchings. That meant she was supposed to bring him a gift on three different days.

Today the gift was supposed to be a homemade card. Nancy knew what to bring because Ms. Spencer had put a chart on the bulletin board. On Friday Nancy was supposed to bring a small gift. All the treats had to be hidden in paper bags. That way no one could see what anyone else brought to school. And no one would know which present came from which person. Nancy and Bess went through the lunch line quickly. Then they ate with George. After lunch all three girls hurried outside to play in the snow.

A few minutes later Emily Reeves came dashing across the playground. Emily had just started taking gymnastics lessons. At recess she liked to practice the moves she had learned. Emily held out her arms as she spun toward Nancy. Then she lost her balance on the new layer of snow.

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She skidded and slid into Nancy. She almost knocked her down. Emily could never wait for anything. They watched as Emily practiced some more moves.

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Nancy shook her head. The three friends hopped up and down, waiting for the bell to ring. They were cold—and Nancy was excited, too. She could hardly wait to find out what her Secret Santa had given her. Finally the bell rang. All the kids ran to the door. Some of them pushed and shoved to get inside, including Brenda Carlton. I want to see the cards!

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Oshida, had been waiting in the doorway. She walked the class back to their room. Nancy, Bess, and George hurried to their cubbies outside the room. They took off their mittens, hats, scarves, coats, and boots. Finally Nancy walked into the class.