e-book Twilight of the True Blood Vampire Diaries (Bite This! Book 1)

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Visitor Posts. Be nice to vampires. They bite. Shoutout for shoutout? We would really appreciate it as we are a new Brian M Logan. TOWN book today on Kindle and tell your friends! It's FREE for a couple of days as a promotion!

Twilight of the True Blood Vampire Diaries

And today the book that took Hollywood by storm is yours She moves in to a house called the Glass House with three other outcast students. Goth girl Eve, rebellious Shane, and Michael, a vampire. The Morganville Vampires is kind of good to be a teen age girl paranormal series. I did stop after a few books, but that was only because there where no more books at the time. I have no plans of taking it up again.

Both Vampire Diaries and Morganville Vampires is about vampires and orientated toward teenage girls. There are two races of vampires. One, the Moroi, are alive and wield elemental magical.

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The other, the Strigoi, are undead and evil. Rose Hathaway, a half vampire, is a bodyguard in training for her firend Lissa Dragomir, a Moroi princess.

The Image of Vampires in the TV Series "The Vampire Diaries"

They go to St. Vampire Academy is actually a quite good teen paranormal romance book. I have actually red all of them. True Blood, synthetic blood, has made it possible for the vampire community to reveal its existence to humans. Sookie Stackhouse is a twenty something telepathic waitress from Bon Temps a small town in Louisiana. They where trying to steel his blood for its accelerates healing, increases strength, and improved libido.

Sookie and Bill soon becomes an item, and Sookie get dragged into the world of vampires and other supernatural beings. This is a good book series. I have not read all of them, I fell of when I at the time had read all of the available books. No sure if I am going to start it up again, but I might do it. Two groups have bean at war for ages. The immortal bloodsucking monsters called Chiropterans and an organisation known as the Red Shield formed to track down these monsters and kill them.

Saya Otonashiis a high-school girl who lives a peaceful life with her family. One day her happy life is destroyed when a man gives her a katana and she finds herself fighting Chiropterans.

Vampire Kisses - Personalized Romance Novel - (For Twilight & True Blood Fans)

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Elena and her brother Jeremy lives in Mystic Falls with their aunt Jenna. Jenna moved in as their guardian after they lost their parents. At her first day back at school after her parents death she meats Stefan, a mysterious new guy. What Elena dos not know is that Stefan is an old vampire.

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Buffy: the Vampire Slayer Amazon Reviews. Both are teen shows about vampires.

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But Buffy is more kick-ass than Elena. Moonlight Amazon Reviews. Both are shows about vampires. But Moonlight is not primarily for teen age girls.

True Blood Amazon Reviews. Blood Ties Amazon Reviews. But Blood Ties are more like a crime show. The Originals Amazon Reviews. Roswell Amazon Reviews. I remember I really liked this show.

bgd.qc.ca/blink-the-power-of-thinking-without-thinking.php A mix of teen age problems and sci-fi.