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They were just heartwarming to read about them together. The librarian dad, the artist mom, oh cute singing Aiden and Teagan who was such a great sister to him, protecting and always loving. Man, I loved this girl so much. If I ever get a car I will name it after them, but not my kids…or who knows.

She had me laughing like crazy with her amazing antiques Mercutio was a vampire, Holly Water anyone…and the awesome Shakesrear!

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Thank you, Thank you very much! Aiden, 6 year old little sing bird afraid of Elvis Impersonators. He was innocent, cute, brave and just loving. The Irish McSteamy that makes Abby overprotective about her friend. No vampires here so go back to your coffins or jewelry stores.

What can be best other than a boy, who is handsome, who is a fighter, protective, has an Irish accent and ready to change your plans. His interactions with Teagan were great, even after his Just saying, he is a guy who know what he wants, from the start. And knows how to protect it, even if it might hurt him.

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What not to like. Tyger Tyger is the first book from The Goblin Wars.

I am pretty sure I will be pre-ordering the next one as soon as it is available. View all 3 comments. Feb 18, Kristi rated it liked it. I loved the idea of this novel. I've been doing a lot of reading myself pertaining to Celtic Mythology and the actual Fionn Mac Cumhaill himself, so I was intrigued right away. Plus, I loved the whole spin about the goblins. You don't see a lot of 'goblin' type literature in YA Unfortunately, the characters were lacking.

Teagan's best friend Abby was the only character I felt like had a little bit of a personality Te I loved the idea of this novel. Teagan, while she had a promising start, sort of fell flat.

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She had a plan, she was dedicated, she knew what she wanted She had no opinions, no feelings Aiden, Teagan's six year old brother, was annoying at times, or perhaps it was his presence that was annoying at times. I get that Aiden has this "special" ability but geez I think the character I was most disappointed in was Finn. He came into the story full of mystery and intrigue, but then nothing. It was a huge letdown, because I think he has a lot to tell. And the supposed romance between Finn and Teagan One of the things that bothered me the most was Abby's dismissal of Teagan's confession about the goblins existence.

The summary even touched on how Abby has this dream to warn Teagan about the goblin's coming for her and then once Teagan tell's Abby's she was right Not that I thought Abby should believe her.. I also thought that the death of Teagan's mom was glazed over a bit too much. It's almost like it didn't even happen. But despite my apparent difficulties with some of the novel, I did actually enjoy reading it.

The last half of the novel was so action packed the pages were flying by like crazy. I also loved Hamilton's depiction of world of the Mag Mell! Overall Tyger Tyger is an intuiting take on Celtic mythology, I'm looking forward to reading the next book! Jul 01, Erika rated it really liked it. I am reviewing an advance copy provided by the publisher. Teagan Wylltson has plans. Naturally, Teagan pays this no mind until a cous I am reviewing an advance copy provided by the publisher.

There were three main reasons I wanted to read this book: Finn MacCool anglicized spelling , Irish mythology, and William Blake the titular poem makes a disappointingly fleeting appearance.

I was very briefly introduced to the first two things in one of my University courses and am sad to say, have not explored them any further on my own. Although now that I have, my review is well coordinated. As of yesterday, Tyger Tyger is in bookstores and local libraries across the US. It was a fun way for me to revisit the legend of Finn MacCool and will, I think, be a good introduction to new readers no prior knowledge is required.

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For instance, Teagan is engaged and committed to attending college, even asserting her desire to hold off on distractions like romance until her more immediate goal is met. But Teagan makes her intentions very clear in their first conversations. She knows that the two are not the same thing at all. As a reader who has become very jaded with romance in YA books recently, this was impressive.

I was also impressed with how well Hamilton handled her other characters. Aiden is such a sweet and quirky boy—he steals the spotlight more times than I could keep track of. I think Hamilton must be aware of the habits small children adopt because he acts so strangely normal and eccentric in ways understandable only through the logic of childhood.

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When he sees a bad musical performance on television, we learn that Elvis impersonators frighten him. Little touches such as these, which really take up far less narrative space than I might indicate here with my admiration, utterly convince me that Hamilton has a deep respect for her characters rather than just as tools to move the plot forward. There are others, of course: Wylltson, and other minor characters such as Mrs. Santini, and Raynor Schein whose strong personalities prevent them from merely fading into the background.

Of course, there are plenty of magical and mythological elements in it, but when Mr.

Goblin Wars Series

Anyone familiar with Oral Traditions knows that most often they were not merely spoken of, but passed down through generations as songs. I thought this addition to the narrative was clever, especially in a book that was all myth and magic. And why should they? Surrounded as they are with the likes of Mr. Wylltson, Teagan and Aiden have parents that have filled their home with the influences of their ancestors.

Wylltson is a descendant of the legendary Merlin. As a librarian, he honors that tradition of scholarship by relating how the historical figure believed to be the inspiration for the Arthurian sorcerer was once such a keeper of knowledge.

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Of course, believe in their supposed famous relationships if you will or do not: Librarians and artists are cool. Hamilton has made sure we all know that. There are several awesome quotes from Mr. Wylltson who has become my hero in no small part because one day I hope to also become a librarian that I wish I could share with you, but without being able to verify these against the finished edition, I do not feel comfortable displaying them here.

In any event, while there were many wonderful, wonderful things about this book, it is not without fault. There was more of a jump between chapter six and seven to denote a rather tragic moment than I would have liked. With little to no indication that more than six months had passed, it took awhile to realize what had happened in the interval and that there was, in fact, a large time gap separating one page from the next. Breaking the book into two sections might have helped alleviate this.

Overall, I was pleased to find Tyger Tyger both a surprise and a joy to read. It does read more for a Middle Grade audience than for an older Young Adult crowd, but is enjoyable either way. Rather than be saccharine, they were really quite sweet and endearing. Mar 27, Amanda rated it really liked it Shelves: Tyger Tyger did exactly that for me. Kersten Hamilton has masterfully weaved Irish mythology into a modern day fairytale for a teenage audience and those young at heart. I even googled Fionn Mac Cumhaill, the goblin fighter that the story is based around and found that a tale that is retold in the book, to be actually taken from a real life legend.